light is very important in people’s lives.

‘Lighting is a power’ – it is the sentence which probably was said by antique individuals every time they made a successful effort to start burning a fire. Now, few thousand years after prehistoric people, current people still use illuminations but not to make warm but to start burning streets, offices and to make a use of illumination at the houses. This article will reply the question whether make it sense to start burning streets, monuments and town halls.


Autor: Ronald Sarayudej
The 1st thing is lighting the roads and roads. The most important reason of doing it is providing protection to the residents of the city. The newest researches have presented that in areas where are not any street lamps are committed much more crimes. Even antique individuals have known that light drive off the opponents. The more road lamps, mean safer zones.

Nevertheless, when it comes to lighting homes such as town halls, stadiums or big shopping centers, the purposes of doing it are not so obvious. Many people are able to ask the question why our government throws away cash on lighting those buildings. The answer can be easy – the lighting is done to make an impression on different individuals and show the authority of the city.

Whether it is worth doing or not, the readers of the text ought to answer themselves. When it comes to light, it is worth to talk about 2 amazing works connected with illumination. Those are: city lamplighter and lighthouse keeper. Both of the jobs are not famous nowadays, they are part of history, but their activities were very useful in the past and past plenty individuals. Although, a lamplighter job is a job of the history here is 1 town where you can meet them – the area is Wrocław, (south-west part of Republic of Poland) and they start their job in the evening. They wear unique uniforms and look like lamplighters from the past times. At present, their job is a kind of tourism attraction, but people can observe how lighting was important in the history. Lighting is very influential in individuals’s lives. Thanks appropriate lighting, people are able to see in the night and keep away from dangerous situations. Moreover, lighting is a part of our history.