Places which are just perfect to take your parents for a trip

There is a time in people’s lives, when they want to thank their parents for everything they have done for them. In such moments, it might be quite hard to find a good present. But we have a great idea – why not to take your parents for unforgettable trip?


Autor: Matthias Mueller

One of the cities which your parents will certainly love is Ljubljana.

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This marvelous city is often called the second Prague, because of its amazing architecture. Nevertheless, it is much less busy thus all of those marvelous spots and buildings can be seen with no lines (discover more). Additionally, even though you will most possibly begin such trip from the capital city (as there are many cheap flights to Ljubljana), there are also many other places which worth to see in Slovenia.

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For instance, in this small country you can see charming Alps and charming lake. And all of it is placed in less than two hours journey from Lubljana. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Your parents will surely love it!


Autor: Ari Helminen

Other destination which might be a good idea for a trip with beloved parents is Chicago. The generation of our parents extremely often perceives America as a rich and unavailable place. Actually, this makes sense if we realize that most of people in parens’ generation were travelling to Chicago not as tourists, but in case to find an employment.

Thus, taking parents to this city as tourists, just to enjoy the city and to discover wonderful sites and museums, might be a extremely good idea (click here to read more). Particularly that presently there are many cheap flights Chicago available, so it doesn’t must be automatically expensive. Because of this, you could make your parents happy without destroying your budget.